Attract Your Audience With Custom, Engaging Illustrations & Character Design

Weather it is a personal illustration gift to a special someone,  a full design package for your live streaming needs, pulling out the character idea that is stuck in your head on to a character design sheet  or a Live2D model design and/or rig to become that persona you always wish you could be. 

StarPendant live2d avatar


Emotes and Streaming Assets




Rigging and Animated Graphics


Recent works

Selected Recent works


StarPendant Chibi model v1 to the left and new normal model and updated Chibi model (work in progress)


StarPendant Animated Emote for Twitch Tier1 Sept 2022


My very first Emotes from July 2017 just after becoming affiliated on twitch.


StarPendant current emote in use. 2021 and 2022 emotes.


Senato_Ajibana Emote Commission work. Pets Simba and Nala


Hello! I’m Starpendant

Artist and illustrator | Live2D avatar rigger and artist | Crafter (sewing, knitting, crochet, etc) | Casual Video Editing 

I enjoy drawing chibi and anime characters. 

When did you start streaming and what platform?

I started streaming 25/07/2016 on Twitch.

When did you get Affiliate?

When they introduced the affiliate program mid 2017 I think I joined after the 2nd wave of invitations and around 28/06/17.

Years freelance experience

Complete projects

Happy clients

years playing with Live2D Rigging

Brief Infomation

What are the difference

Unsure what the difference is in personal or commercial  usage you can read more in the TOS where it explains

Take Your Brand Beyond Just a Name and a Logo


Bringing to life and creating from your imagination a illustration drawn in the artist art style.

Usage can be : Personal use or Commercial use.

Emotes, badges, assets used on livestreaming platforms

Express yourself in picture form weather it is for reaction emotes, or a personalised panel image. Creating personalised assets for your livestream gives you a unique feel compared to general images you get for free and everyone else uses. With personalised emotes you can monetise or use a third party emote space for your viewers to use.
Usage : Commercial

PNG Tuber Model

For people who stream and dislike webcams, but want a persona to represent them when they talk? Are you not sure if you want to be a VTuber, I recommend trying out a PNG personalised persona of your idea to start with. Saves money and lets you test the water in Virtual avatars.
Usage : Commercial, even if you are not affiliate anything to do with livestreaming is considered as commercial.

V-Tuber Model

Live2D rigging involves warping and deforming of 2D art.  With help from the artist, we can bring to life your persona.

You stream but don’t like being on webcam, you tried PNGTuber but want to dive into a full model but what do you do?

are you upgrading from PNG reactive image that maybe you drawn or commissioned but need more upgrades to that image since those PNG are half body images.

Maybe you are looking for Character Design sheet?
You want to get the ideas out on to a character design sheet before committing to a 2D and/or 3D model design a character sheet is a best option to understand what the avatar looks like front, back, side and close up.

What if you already have a design sheet are you looking for that design to be turned into a character model?
Be it my art style or someone else art style you are paying them for their time, skills, style and knowledge of designing ready to rig models.
Ready to rig models are very different to illustration or character sheets. The knowledge of void fills is needed to complete areas where it may be exposed when rigged.

Rigging service?

  • You got a Model Artist but you are looking for a rigger?
  • How much are you willing to pay? Some even a combination?

Usage : Commercial, even if you are not partnered/affiliated, anything to do with livestreaming is considered as commercial gain and eventually you will monitise with external tips page.

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