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Please be aware that my pricing is mainly in GBP £, I might include a USD equivalent.

About Starpendant

    Artist and illustrator | Live2D avatar rigger and artist | Crafter (sewing, knitting, crochet, etc) | Casual Video Editing

    I’m Starpendant and I am a freelance artist. I enjoy drawing chibi and anime characters. You can see some of my art when I stream or speed art videos on my YouTube channel.

    When did you start streaming and what platform?
    I started streaming 25/07/2016, I mainly stream on Twitch. At first I had the really bad internet so I used OBS to record most of my emote art process and upload it to Youtube in a form of a speed painting emotes.

    When did you get Affiliate?
    When they introduced the affiliate program mid 2017 I think I joined after the 2nd wave of invitations and around 28/06/17 I became an affiliate and created my first lot of emotes live on stream with a panda theme hoodie. In 2019 I updated my emotes to a more general my avatar and my star friend (the viewers)

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    Starpendant Twitch

    Follow my stream channel and see the how I create the artwork. Starpendant on Twitch.


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    If you want to see WIP and artwork

    I will be using this place to upload WIP instead of discord more, I will still upload a WIP but finished artwork I will post oh my Ko-fi Gallery.


    Art Instagram

    Artwork post I normally post WIP in on this account and also challenges I am partaking in. Starpendant on Instagram.


    I upload images I created. Go check it out you might find something you like.


    Follow Starpendant Twitter to get news of when I stream and other news. 

    [note: I use different username on this social platform]

    Design by humans

    Moved all my designs to this site DesignByHuman


    Clip Studio Paint

    Live2d Cubisum

    DaVinci Resolve

    Wacom Cintiq 16 Screen tablet

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