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Artist and illustrator | Live2D avatar rigger and artist | Crafter (sewing, knitting, crochet, etc) | Casual Video Editing 

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Hello! I’m starpendant

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I enjoy drawing chibi and anime characters. You can see some of my art when I stream or speed art videos on my YouTube channel.

When did you start streaming and what platform?

I started streaming 25/07/2016, I mainly stream on Twitch.

At first I had the really bad internet so I used OBS to record most of my emote art process and upload it to YouTube in a form of a speed painting emotes.

When did you get Twitch Affiliate?

When they introduced the affiliate program mid 2017 I think I joined after the 2nd wave of invitations and around 15/05/17 I became an affiliate and created my first lot of emotes live on stream with a panda theme hoodie.

In 2019 I updated my emotes to a more general my avatar and my star friend (the viewers).

What made you to learn Live2D Cubism?

When I first played with Facerig my computer could not handle the processing power and have all my programs open, but I did notice two 2D anime avatars out of their full libary of 3D avatars.

It was until 2017-8 I started taking notice of Live2D Cubism trying to find tutorials and which was very little at the time.

2019 I said on stream I finally want to learn and play around with making my own avatar.

2022 I finally designed my chibi Vtuber avatar, its more for me to understand what make the avatar work and what I can improve on it. Thus I use my avatar instead of my usual webcam, I do sometime have an urge to plug my webcam back on but the fact I do not have to worry about how I look before stream makes using my avatar persona a easy win.

As of now 2023 I am rigging my normal form and revamping my chibi look to match the normal form. (See my protfolio for my newer models)


My Story and Skills

Drawing has been a part of my life at a young age, growing up I have always had some paper and a drawing tool near by, sometimes people would interact with me and but was too absorbed in my drawing that I tuned out my surrounding area. 

I studied arts and design, thinking about the future as a Cartoon artist since a kid then later inspired to look into 3D animation due to ‘Beauty and the beast’ and ‘Toy Story’.

Around 2016 started freelancing as an artist working as a emote artist after doing some doodles for a streamer. I expanded into Streaming asset’s, because I started designing images for myself and learned what needs to be done.

In 2017-18 started looking into Live2D Cubism. 2020 finally took the plunge into learning the program. 2022 after a few test model, I made my version 1 model and have been using that model for the past 5 months.

  • Emote Design
  • Complex Illustrations
  • streaming asset
  • Rigging and Motion Graphics

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