Steps of

Commission process and Workflow

What you need to do and what to expect.

Before anything happens

Pre-Project Policy

  • We reserves the right to refuse any project.

  • Projects are only accepted once an invoice is delivered and the client has paid.

  • For reference materials such as character sheets or model art provided by a third-party artist, the Artist requires fully completed materials before assessing a project.

  • You, the Client are expected to e-mail or DM on Twitter or Discord for any questions outside of commission orders. However, for your commission inquiry please order using the commission ordering form/email.

  • Commission slots are granted through an application process by submitting through a provided Google Form or inquiring through email.



What to expect of the Client and Artist

    some tips on how to make the process better for you and the artist.


    What the client need to do to be accepted

    • The Client must specify the content of their Commission to the best of their ability prior to a Commission Agreement. A complex commission may incur additional fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
    • You, must have an idea of what you want to commission before contacting the Artist. We, The Artist can take written descriptions, but only if they are paired with visual references as well. The more information the clearer your vision will become to the artist.
    • We reserve the right to make changes to your request as we see fit unless otherwise discussed. To guarantee the total accuracy of your commission request, please make note of the required details and elements in the form.
    • The Client must specify the desired display size of the Commission (if none was stated in the pricing) and the reason for the size. A large display size may incur additional illustration fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
    • If your character is extremely detailed, we, the Artist have the right to charge a fee to include these details. This fee will be stated before the transaction, and you, the Client hold the right to make changes to your commission request (e.g. change the character, agree to simplified design changes) before the transaction is complete.
    • Please make your request concisely worded with minimal abbreviations, this is to make the note clear to read.

    What happens from the Artist

    • Updates for the commission will be sent through Email and maybe Discord from the Artist. Updates may come in the form of pictures, videos, or test models. Under the Revision and Updates section describes when test models will be sent as well as details about revisions.

    • The commission is considered done once the final work has been delivered and the Client has given approval or if the Client hasn’t replied within 48 hours of the Email sent with the final work attached or link to folder.

      For more in depth read, go to section workflow.


    Slots, Timeline & Deadline

     A summaries of what can happen once you are on the queue.

    Accepted Slots.

    What the Client will need to do now

    • Applicants who are granted a commission slot will be contacted via Email.
      • Queue / Slots: Not first come first serve. We, the Artist reserve rights to decline a request if slots are full / the Artist don’t feel up for the job.
    • Clients will be given a quote for their commission in the form of a Commission Agreement document.
      • The Client should proof read the Commission Agreement and signed once they agree to the content of the form.
        • This is the time for amending the details to the agreement, such as changes to the project brief/ design/ extra reference images.
        • discussing about the pricing.
      • The Commission Agreement signed by the Client is proof of hiring the Artist for their services. This document will be used for when the bank asks for verification of transactions, as well as proof of work if needing to show where the money is coming from for tax reasons.
    • Clients are expected to pay:
      • 10% waiting fee within 48 hours of confirming their slot and the quoted price. The remaining 90% will be paid when the Artist will start working on the clients commission.
      • Please note that the waiting fee is non-refundable. See refund section for more details.
    • Payments can be made through invoice via the agreed payment platform.
    • The Client may opt to pay in full to get the most updates and services  (such Rigging commission getting test models). Payment plans can be discussed.
    • The Client will be given access to a project update tracker that shows the commission timeline and records all the feedback and revisions made on the model.
    The Commission.


    • Commissions will be delivered WITHIN 4 months of the artist starting the commission. If the commission has a specific deadline, clients are encouraged to inform the artist before the commission has started.
    • A commission project that has a deadline of less than 4 months is considered a rush order. Rush orders will incur a fee of 50% on top of the commission order. Please consider the additional fees when commissioning the Artist
    The Deadline.


    • If the Artist ever fail to meet the deadline for the commission, the artist will contact the Client as soon as possible to state the reason for an extension.
    • If the Client refuses the deadline extension, the Artist shall issue a refund minus the waiting fee if the Client paid in full. (refer to commission process, refund)

    Start of work

      A compact flow of how I process commissions before work begins.


      Start of Work

      Here is a workflow example of what can be expected when you commission the Artist (Some commission workflow order may change)


      Before work starts:

      • Commission Application taken via Google Forms or email inquiries; in the week following the applications, the Artist will be contacting those whose applications were accepted.
      • Queue / Slots: Not first come first serve, but based on preference. The Artist reserve rights to decline a request if slots are full / don’t feel up for the job.
      • References: Extra fees apply for unclear reference images or text, and for any character/prop design required. (To prevent extra fess, please do your research of as many image reference as possible even noting areas you especially want to highlight and focus on)
      • The artist sends a price quote to the Client and both parties have a conversation if need to explain more indepth about the quotes and if any amendments is needed or needing a payment setup.
      • The Artist will confirm the final quote with client.
      • If the Client accepts the final quote, they are moved over to the accepted list.
      • Invoice is sent to client.
      • Invoice is paid; work on the commission begins.

      Workflow Phases

        What happens now, once the commission has been started.

        Accepted slots.

        What happens now

        Illustration/Character Design/Model Art
        Once the project starts, the Client will receive regular updates throughout the entire process. All drafts will be watermarked.

        • Sketch Phase
          During the early stage (initial thumbnail/sketch/draft), the Client may request to 3 revisions per item for free. Additional revisions will incur an extra 5% fee per edit.
        • Clean Up Phase
          During the second stage (line art, base colours, layer separation), the client may request unlimited minor revisions (colour fix, minor illustration edit) per item for free. Major revisions (destructive edits completely different from the initial request) will incur a 20% fee per edit.
        • Final Rendering Phase
          During the final stage (shading, final touches), the client may request up to 2 minor revisions per item for free. Major revisions will be charged the initial cost of the item.

        Once a project has been started, the client is expected to provide feedback on each version the Artist is providing. If the client fails to provide feedback, the commission will be put on hold.

        ​Tip : Feedback should be concise. The client is encouraged to send all requested edit feedback in a list on and all at once to avoid quickly consuming revisions.

        Illustration/character design : Final art.

        Model Art: Final model art PSD contains

        1. Cut and separated model.
        2. Labelled layers and folders.
        3. Ready for rigging.

        (Order of work can change a little depending on the Artist and the model art)
        Finished project



        • Once the artist receive the file and approve your commission, the artist will go through the PSD.
          • PSD check is to make sure cut is done and if there are any void fill missing.
          • Written notes of any points needing edit will be in a bullet note form, for the artist.
        • Once PSD checks have gone through and discussed additional features with you, the Artist will send you the invoice for the model and begin work.
        • The artist typically do these steps:
        • Eye blinking and mouth.
          • Mouth
          • Eyes with physics.
          • Brows
        • Head angles (without physics).
          • Head Angles.
          • Hair.
        • When the rigging is almost done.
          • Body Angles.
          • Additional Physics.
          • Expressions.

        (Order of work can change a little depending on the Artist and the model art)
        Finished project

        What you will get.

        Illustration/Character design :

        Final art with signiture and/or watermark.

        Model Art :

        Final model art PSD contains

        1. Cut and separated model.
        2. Labelled layers and folders.
        3. Ready for rigging.

        (Order of work can change a little depending on the Artist and the model art)
        Finished project

        Model Rigging :

        Final file you will get is a zip file with the folder containing the .moc3

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