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Please read the following terms and conditions in TOS.
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Pre-Project Policy

  • We reserves the right to refuse any project.

  • Projects are only accepted once an invoice is delivered and the client has paid.

  • For reference materials such as character sheets or model art provided by a third-party artist, the Artist requires fully completed materials before assessing a project.

  • You, the Client are expected to e-mail or DM on Twitter or Discord for any questions outside of commission orders. However, for your commission inquiry please order using the commission ordering form/email.

  • Commission slots are granted through an application process by submitting through a provided Google Form or inquiring through email.


Before commission the Artist

Go to the Terms of Service, you must read and understand the TOS, before you begin the commission application.


Brief workflow

Read the work flow to get an idea on how things are done.


Art Illustration

List of Illustration commission.



Related to Live2D

Listing Vtuber Art model and rigging prices.

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