Illustration Commission


Starting base prices are for Personal commission and depends on complexity of the project.

Additional information please read the Terms of Service.

🌟 Sketch Line art and light render 🌟

Line art and base colours with simple shading.

Plain colour background only.

🌟 Full Render🌟

Fully rendered with my usual style.

Plain colour background or a simple background. Half body/thigh up.


Half body: £150 +

FullBody: £260 +



Full Render: £400 +


🌟 Character Design 🌟

Fully rendered with background. Please provide details for an exact quote

🌟 Illustration painting 🌟

Fully rendered with background. Please provide details for an exact quote



  • Concept sketches will be created based off of client’s descriptions. 

  • Final results will be the completed design along with a concept sheet.


  • Starting price is for light render and a pre-existing design/reference.

  • Basic sheet : front & back view, 1-3 character expressions, key design features.

  • Additional add-ons: design breakdown, second outfit, side view, chibi, etc. 


Full Illustration: £1000 + 

eg. number of characters, character design complexity, background elements. 

🌟 Live 2D Character Model Art 🌟

🌟 Live2D-ready artwork PSD with separated parts. No rigging.

🌟Vtuber Model Illustration (Starting price)🌟

Prices for artwork only:

These include 4 facial expression stickers eg. sweat, anger, starry eyes, mouth changes. (Specify with examples.)

Base price arms down – there is extra cost for additional posing hands (wave, peace pose, etc)

Prices include commercial use.

💫 Waist Up: £1000+
💫 Thigh Up: £1500+
💫 Full Body: £2000+

🌟 Included: 4 facial expression stickers
eg. sweat, anger,
blush, angry, sad, starry eyes.
(Specify with examples.)

The PSD is a high quality file , where the model is cut, the art is flattened and parts separated in their designated folder: all ready to rig.

💫 Includes:

  • .PSD model file ready for rigging

  • .PNG file(s) of model

  • Up to 4 expression stickers

🌟Additional fees🌟


  • Additional arms, expressions : $50 – $100 each

  • props and other variations will vary in price.

  • Extra outfits and hairstyles can be discussed.


  • For more complicated designs there may be a fee depending on the level of complexity.

  • Requests without a pre-existing design will add much more to the cost.

  • Please ask your rigger if there is a specific naming convention they want me to use.

Model art and rigging package. Please look at Rigging page for more details.

🌟 Terms of Service 🌟

Some stuff for illustration work

  • Prices listed are starting prices. Additional fees may apply for complex designs, extra revisions, tight deadlines etc.

  • Image references are required.  Providing low quality references may result in an extra design fee.

  • Commissions are not first come first served. The artist have the right to decline commissions for any reason.

  • Will not draw: 

    Furry / Mecha / NSFW

  • A sketch will be provided of your commission once it is finalised. At this stage you can request small changes in the pose/expression etc. Once I have started the painting process, all changes will require an additional fee.

  • Unless you have stated a deadline, commissions will be completed on my schedule. If you are on a deadline, please let us know when requesting a commission.

  • Payments are required upfront via Paypal or credit/debit card.

  • The artist retain the rights to all illustrations and may post on social media with a link to you, unless you would like to remain anonymous.

  • Commissions are not to be used for commercial purposes (e.g. prints) unless previously discussed Commercial licensing will require an additional fee.

  • Refunds and cancellations are only possible if the commission has not been started. A partial refund will be available if only a sketch has been completed.

Go to the Terms of Service page for full information and understand the agreement. [click the button below]

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