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Illustration Commission

Starting base prices are for Personal commission and depends on complexity of the project.

Additional information please read the Terms of Service.


Please read this

Side Note

Depending on complexity, cost can vary please message me to get more information and a quote regarding prices for commission you are looking for.


Sketch Line art and light render


Starting from :

  • Basic : £150 +

Line art and base colours with simple shading.

Plain colour background only.



Full Render

Starting from :

  • Full Render : £600 +

Fully rendered with my usual style.

Plain colour background or a simple background. Half body/thigh up.


Illustration Painting

Fully rendered with background. Please provide details for an exact quote

Starting from :

  • Full illustration : £800 +

eg. number of characters, character design complexity, background elements. 


Character Design

Fully rendered with basic background. Please provide details for an exact quote

Starting from :

  • Concept Design : £1000 +

Concept sketches will be created based off of client’s descriptions.

Final results will be the completed design along with a concept sheet.

  • Character Sheets : £900 +​

Starting price is for light render and a pre-existing design/reference.

Basic sheet : front & back view, 1-3 character expressions, key design features.

Additional add-ons: design breakdown, second outfit, side view, chibi, etc.


For Ordering

Please include in your request message :

  • Subject : Illustration Commission Request for [Your Name] [Username] 
  • Subject of Commission & References :  (Visual references are required) Please provide existing character reference and photo reference for stuff that is not included. Picture or examples – be as detailed as possible bear in mind I can not replicate other artist. Read commission process for more information.
  • Looking for : Sketch Lineart & Light render / Full Render / Character Design / Illustration painting
  • Deadline : None / Before Date – be sure to add date details.
  • Top secret or not? Keep it quite (Top secret project?) or can I the artist stream the process? (Read TOS under Additional Fees)


Terms of Service link – https://starpendant.art/terms-of-service/

  • Will not draw:
    • Furry
    • Mecha
    • NSFW
  • By commissioning us, you confirm that you have read the Terms of Service and agree it.
  • Prices listed are starting prices. Additional fees may apply for complex designs, extra revisions, tight deadlines etc.
  • Commissions are not first come first served. We have the right to decline commissions for any reason.
  • Image references are required.  Providing low quality references may result in an extra design fee.
  • A sketch will be provided of your commission once it is finalised. At this stage you can request small changes in the pose/expression etc. Once I have started the painting process, all changes will require an additional fee.
  • Unless you have stated a deadline, commissions will be completed on my schedule. If you are on a deadline, please let us know when requesting a commission.
  • Payments are required upfront.
  • The artist retain the rights to all illustrations and may post on social media with a link to you, unless you would like to remain anonymous.
  • Commissions are not to be used for commercial purposes (e.g. prints) unless previously discussed. Commercial licensing will require an additional fee.

Go to the Terms of Service page for full information and understand the agreement.

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