🌟 Live 2D Character Model Art 🌟

🌟 Model Art: A PSD (photoshop) file with layers separated for use in Live 2D Rigging.

These prices is for a PSD file that is ready for Live2D rigging.

🌟Vtuber Model Illustration (Starting price)🌟

Prices for artwork only:

These include 5 small facial expression stickers eg. sweat, anger, starry eyes, mouth changes. (Specify with examples.)

Base price arms down – there is extra cost for additional posing hands (wave, peace pose, etc)

Prices include commercial use.

💫 Waist Up: £900+
💫 Thigh Up: £1000+
💫 Full Body: £1600+

🌟 Included: 5 small facial expression stickers
eg. sweat, anger,
blush, angry, sad, starry eyes.
(Specify with examples.)

The PSD is a high quality file , where the model is cut, the art is flattened and parts separated in their designated folder: all ready to rig.


💫 Includes:

🌟 .PSD file, Fully cut parts and ready to be imported for Live2D Cubism.

Please ask your rigger if there is a specific naming convention they want me to use.

Model art and rigging package. Please look at Rigging page for more details.


🌟Additional fees🌟
Please message me to talk about what you want in the design.

Cost will be affected by design complexity, accessories, extra elements eg. pets, wings, tail, etc.

You will have to provide reference or mood board collection of images, that I can design the character. In this case, I will require photo/art references for each part of the character. However if multiple iterations and large changes to the design happens after the sketch phase it may incur a fee.

🌟 Template for Ordering 🌟

Please include in your request message:


🌟 Subject: Vtuber Commission Request for [Your Name] [Username] 

🌟 Email for Paypal Invoice: 

🌟 Subject of Commission & References:  (Visual references are required) Please provide existing character reference and photo reference for stuff that is not included. Picture or examples – be as detailed as possible bear in mind I can not replicate other artist. Read commission process for more information.

🌟 Which program will you be using for face tracking? 

🌟 Looking for: Illustration/ Emote/ Loyalty Badges/ Model Art + Rig / Only Rig / Only Model Art

🌟 Type of Model: Full body / Half body / Adjustments

🌟 Usage: Face tracking, Video game, Video editors

🌟 Do you have a rigger in mind?  Yes/No  If so, who? 

🌟 Deadline: None / Before Date – be sure to add date details.

🌟 Top secret or not? Keep it quite (Top secret project?) or can I the artist stream the process? (Read TOS under Additional Fees)

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