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🌟 What is V-Tuber?🌟

Virtual YouTubers, or VTubers, are online entertainers, who are typically Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers. They use (usually anime-inspired) computer graphics-generated avatars created with programs such as Live2D and with character designed by online artists using a face tracker program like Facerig. 

VTubers are considered to have great appeal in that they are not bound by physical limitations and many of them engage in activities that are unconstrained by real-world gender (sex and gender) and appearance (demi-human).  The popularity of VTubers worldwide is due to their “large customer base outside of Japan who love Japanese culture and anime”.

Many people who do not want to show their face on webcam, can now turn to Virtual characters so they are no longer a bodiless voice on their recordings or live stream.


🌟 What is Live2D?🌟

Live2D is a technique of generating animated 2D graphics, usually anime-style characters, using layered, continuous parts based on a single illustration, without the need of animating frame-by-frame or creating a 3D model.


🌟 What programs do I use after I get a commission?🌟

There is a few programs used to track your facial movements with your webcam/ camera.


Newest face tracking program, realised Nov 2020 (Free to use but if you want to use it more than a certain time you need a subscription).


Free but you can pay for extras. PrPrive is a Live2D live broadcast assistant software developed by us. The software can achieve a high frame rate, multi-expression switching, target less auto-drop frame at a lower CPU occupancy.


VTube Studio is an app available for iPhone/macOS, Android and Windows. For best tracking using IOS camera, but as of recent months they added Webcam tracking but not as sensitive compared to IOS to track your face and animate a Live2D Cubism Model accordingly.

Free with watermark not for commercial use (live stream and making money).

Paid subscription to remove watermark and allow for commercial use.

Free Program


Free Program

Recommended program

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