Featured Work

A collection of Art work Personal and commissioned work.

Art done in 2023

StarPendant Chibi Model 1.1

Personal Project – Update Chibi StarPendant 1.1. to keep it uniformed with my normal form I have updated the hair and clothes design.

Art done in 2022

StarPendant Normal Form Model

Personal Project – Normal Form for StarPendant designed 2022. Rigging WIP

Star Flower Asset Model

Personal Project – Made for VTS asset used for VTS P.O.G. TTS.

StarPendant Model V1

Personal Project – Designed by June |Rigged by Sept 2022

Art done in 2021

Original Character Kumi Warrior Model

Personal Project – Model started in 2021 and made to as a practice Live2D Cubism.

Howl and Growl

Commission loading screen for a friend.

Art done in 2018

Ancient Magus Bride

Personal Project – Fanart

Summer Girl on the Beach

Personal Project


Thank you gift to GigaiXD

Art done in 2017

Panda Mercy

Personal Project – Panda Fusion

Cubachoo cosplaying as Pumpkinboo

Personal Project

Ninja Kitty

Personal Project

Bayleaf Cosplaying Sylveon

Personal Project

Kitty Sen and Nala

Thank you gift to Senato

Alicia and Panda

Personal Project

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