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StarPendant’s Referral links: (I get points when you use my referral links)

Brave browser

use Brave Browser to do most of my stuff now and taking back the control of viewing the web. You can earn BAT tokens that you can tip content creators via the browser.

Similar to Chrome but without the added pain that chrome has less ads, but I do use firefox for stuff like netflix there are some stuff brave wont do.

If you download the app please use my referral link. https://brave.com/sta635 It’s free like all browsers


Since around July 2021 I started using presearch.org search engine to earn crypto token PRE via their extension.

Presearch is a decentrilised search engine that will take over google search while rewarding you. They have been introduced to newer mobile phones as an option to use and it is still new they are catching up with google search.

Quest mode

Play Quest mode  to help earn points for free subs for a random person.

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